A Berlin must: Kreuzberg street art tour

A Berlin must: Kreuzberg street art tour

What immediately comes to mind thinking of Germany’s capital city: the Berlin Wall, electronic music and street art! Loads of it! Berlin’s Kreuzberg district is teeming countless thought-provoking street murals, paste-ups, stencils, tags, and bombings.

There are a lot of pieces  and projects by many famous artists such as Blu’s Leviathan,  Vhils’ controlled explosions carved portraits, ROA’s animals, It’s time to dance by SOBR, The Astronaut by Victor Ash. Other well known works are signed by artists such as Alias, Xooox or Mein Lieber Prost.

And not to forget El Bocho’s Little Lucy which appears all around, with Little Lucy killing her cat by all sorts of ways: cooking, stabbing, hanging, drowning and the list goes on! :)

Depicted in the photos below is also the collaboration between Blu and JR it what came to be Berlin’s most emblematic graffiti, at Curvy-Areal: two figures unmasking each other, showing the “east side” and “west side” gang signs and separately, a businessman chained by his golden watches. That is, before it was painted all black by the artists themselves, as a prostest against both the rising rents and gentrification of the city and the failed urban and cultural development policy of Berlin. Read more about that here.

But still, bridges, walls, doors, tunnels, windows, sidewalks – nothing here is out of reach for a good piece of street art.

All of the places pictured here can be seen roughly on this route below. Don’t be afraid to get lost. :) It’s a relaxed two-hours walk, coffee stop included.

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