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My name is Mihai Tufă, I’m 26 years old, I was born in Vaslui, Romania and I lived in Harrogate, UK. On the 16th of February 2012 I started walking on The World Photo Tour. All the journey, a little under 60.000 miles (which is a little under 100.000 km) will probably take me seven to eight years to complete, but I’m not in a hurry.

In doing so I want to contribute with a little something back to this world, fundraising for three organizations: an international one – WaterAid, a Romanian one – Princess Margareta of Romania Trust and a British one – British Heart Foundation. If you would like to donate and contribute towards reaching my 100.000 pounds goal, you can do so by clicking the corresponding widget on the right sidebar. Your kind donation will reach the charity directly.

My route for The World Photo Tour started in Harrogate. At large, the road will take me South to London and then Dover, from where I will get on the continent in France and continue my route through Europe towards Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark. Back to Germany then, heading South-East towards Austria. The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will follow, after which I will enter Romania, my home country.

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  1. claudiu

    ce sa-ti zic?
    daca o faci,macar stii ca ai trait pe lumea asta cu adevarat.eu te-as sustine si financiar dar acum nu am job.poate cind ma intorc in tara,am ceva afaceri si te pot ajuta cu ceva…bafta multa succes..si keep in touch

  2. Ion Paciu

    Hey man, you are so bravo and this is a magnificent idea, be strong and make it back to the UK in one piece.
    I will drop some ££ in your account soon.

    Will keep in touch via facebook
    these are my contact details just in case

    goog luck with your journey mate!
    Ion Paciu

    Photoion Photography™

    e-mail: ionpaciu@photoion.co.uk


    mobile: +44 (0) 7930609714

    Projects: “People I didn’t know” images are being uploaded regularly, stay tuned!

  3. Levy Nagy

    Proiectul tau e admirabil, iti urez multa bafta! Daca ai drum prin Praga/Bohemia sau prin imprejurimi, as fi bucuros sa te cazez sau sa te intalnesc la o poveste, poate chiar sa te insotesc cateva zile. :)

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