The World Photo Tour is basically what the name says. An ever-growing collection of photos from all over the world. Portraits, nature, stills, snaps, landmarks, all witnessed from the perspective of a continuous traveller and presented as a portofolio and chronological stories of one’s unveiling of the world around.

I am Mihai Tufa, 32 years old Lisbon based freelance photographer. Here you can find the documented story of my most daring project so far – walking ~4.300 km from Harrogate, England, to Bucharest, Romania – an endeavour in which I snapped anything that attracted my eyes on a 10 month walking journey. Once I stopped walking, I returned to Hamburg where I lived for three years and recently, moving to Lisbon, The World Photo Tour spun into becoming a collection of photos and thoughts that I am both happy and comfortable in sharing with the world I get to discover.

If you want to use any of the work here or would like to chat about possible projects we could work on together, please follow the details on the Contact page.

Thank you,

Walker, traveller, photographer, writer for theworldphototour.com