Many times I am asked if I like Lisbon. Thing is, I did not move here for the city (sorry, Lisbon!), rather for what Lisbon is in close proximity to. And Lisbon is close to a lot of nice places! So whenever I have a chance I get away from it, either North or South. Yup, those beaches, those cliffs! So besides Praia da Ursa, another spot to check out at least once is Azenhas do Mar, a village just west of Sintra. Cozy, quiet and quite spectacular in its own sensible way, as both slopes offer nice views to one another and towards the Atlantic. Plus, food and drinks are cheap around. And it’s only one hour away from Lisbon, reachable by 440/441 buses from Sintra. Enjoy!

Oh, and should you end up in Azenhas do Mar in summer or you wanna venture for a swim at other times, be careful with that pool at high tide, it can be treacherous!

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