Before going to sleep, after 14 hours of work

Before going to sleep, after 14 hours of work

U-hu-hooo! With an introduction song by Matt Goldberg. Travelling man.


It’s 5AM. Less that three hours ago I finished my last shift working at Kudos, the company that handles the catering for the Harrogate International Centre. And I am now just one week before walking on The World Photo Tour.

My stay with them was short, but I must say the guys and girls there are the warmest team I worked with in any job of this sort I had so far and some of the most valuable aspects of the work atmosphere I enjoyed consist of all the team effort, all the kind way of talking and addressing matters, all the understanding the managers and supervisors express towards each and every employee. And that really counts in those monster shifts I’ve only got a glimpse on, but which felt like nothing working with these guys. And no-one giving you the looks, no-one throwing words, but everyone working as a team.

Thanks Tom, for many conversations way beyond the usual small-talk, thanks Mike for always offering to help, thanks Remi for always knowing what’s to be done, thanks Joe, thanks Sarah, thanks Dom and Rosie, thanks Barbara, thanks Marija, Andrew, Steve and James.

Thanks Benjamin, not only for taking the responsibility of taking me on board even though it was for a month only, but for being the best manager in this kind of industry I have ever met. Always organized, always spot on, always on top of the game. Close to flawless. And in this industry, that’s basically perfection.

And thanks Darren, I left him at the end for a reason. It’s because of him why I know have added some pieces of military standard equipment to my walk around the world gear. I will detail in a later post.

Once again, thank you guys!

End of the day? Naaaah! I will be in the studio in 4 hours. Cannot sleep. Later on today I will tell you about what a week until departure feels like.

P.S.: sorry for being late these days.

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