Before the big walk: from Prague to Pelhrimov – 105 km (total: 2.965 km)

Before the big walk: from Prague to Pelhrimov – 105 km (total: 2.965 km)

The next short episode on The World Photo Tour – my walk around the world – started in Prague and continued all the way South to Pelhrimov.

No food, no money, but that was soon to change thanks to both Simona and my parents. Until then, nature was my kitchen. An apple here, a pear there, some prunes and mint tea.

More and more people ask me to tell them more about the places I see, wanting to hear a personal first-hand opinion. ‘Tell us a little bit about each place you stop too. What you notice about a place or its inhabitants. It gives us a great insight into the world as you see it.’. But most of the times I prefer not to form an opinion on the places I see. Who am I to have an opinion? That is arrogant for me, I cannot place labels for other people to read and form an opinion from what I say, may it be that a place is great or it sucks. My opinion is my photos.

Again, more and more people ask me what’s my favourite place so far. My honest and highly philosophical answer to that is that my favourite place is ‘now’. Just as, at that moment, out of all the places I was put up for a night or two, that must have topped them all. My little cottage with my pond, my cat and my rooster. Thanks, Marie Vitkova!

It was at her family’s place on the outskirts of Pelhrimov where I offered myself a nice break. The name of the town means ‘pilgrim’. It was there where I got my feet relaxed for what was about to follow – biggest challenge yet.  The plan was is to walk 100 km in less than 24 hours. Why? To see if I can. Ever since entering Bruxelles I wondered on how it would be, that day back then I only walked 68 in 16 hours.

Until anything, I spent my time fishing. And driving around in the forest roads. And staring at the stars.


The day I left Pelhrimov I celebrated six months on the road. Until the day I left Pelhrimov  I have walked close to 3.000 km. To all of you, a big great THANK YOU! The day I left Pelhrimov  I walked 100 KM. About how that went, in the next update.

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