Boots made for walking

Boots made for walking

In my concern, the most important piece of gear when considering walking around the world (that’s besides some really high-quality pairs of outdoor socks) is represented by the boots. And it’s quite easy to figure out why – my feet will need all my attention and care.

Mine are some heavy-duty Gore Tex Berghaus boots. Not the latest season, but they will certainly be pushed to their limits on the very long road ahead. I know I’ll have to change more than a couple of pairs of these, but the ones I have now will still do fine for a while. They’ve seen a lot of miles, but there’s plenty of life left in them. Light, but offering a heavy-duty feeling. Comfortable. They are really breathable, but still waterproof, sure to keep my feet dry along the way. The grip, in the mean time, is excellent on all sorts of terrain – wet rock, mud, grass, asphalt.

Together with the proper outdoor socks the boots are the essential for extensive walks. I will need to keep my feet happy, at points they will be my only reliable friends on the road, I need to treat them right.

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