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Moan? Naah, just saying about them blisters

This ones comes from the pain chapter of  The World Photo Tour. I was about after three quarters in Day 1 of the 36 km walk from Harrogate to Sherburn in Elmet when I first felt them. At first, just as a mild feeling of burning. Later on, towards the end of the day, what merely felt like a sensation earlier turned into actual pain. It was coming from both feet, from the same spot on the soles, but not equally, more from the right ... [read more]

Tomorrow’s walk: Sherburn in Elmet – Askern

All things going well, I’m looking at covering a little over 15 miles tomorrow, from Sherburn in Elmet to Askern, getting me closer to Doncaster. Tonight I’m having a chill-out with Anca an Tony who are now advising me to get more real about the story, if anything, even having a daily moan. Showing more of what the walk does to my mind and my body, complaining more, writing about all the funny and sad stuff and so on. I will take ... [read more]

This is it. The World Photo Tour start.

Tomorrow I start walking around the world on The World Photo Tour. In the past two days I’ve been recovering from the leaving party in Blues Bar. I tried to treat myself with le grand chill-out in these past two days, but could I?! Naaaahhhh! Still always on the run, tying some loose ends. Talking to a lot of people, sorting out the equipment and gear, putting everything in the backpack in the most convenient way possible. My ... [read more]

My backpack: all the equipment I have

My backpack: all the equipment I have
One day before The World Photo Tour starts, I am glad I was able to fit everything in one 85l backpack. On my walk around the world, considering I have to be ready for various situations, this is what I will carry with me most of the times. – the backpack itself, 85l; waterproof bags, various capacities; – the camera, Nikon D200, 50mm lens; charger, battery; – laptop; charger, USB sticks, USB modem; – mobile phone, charger, ... [read more]

People I don’t know how I’ll ever thank enough | VDiary test

It was about eight months ago when I met photographers Simon and Rachael Meyer from SiRAstudio in Harrogate. Without them, The World Photo Tour would not have been possible. And today they pushed everything forward. This one is for them. [youtube=] I was looking for a job in the photography area in Harrogate back in August last year and it was Mark Jarvis who first introduced me to these ... [read more]

What a fantastic time!

What a fantastic time!
It was pretty much packed last night in Blues Bar, Harrogate. With moments of precious good byes and happy singalongs – The Proclaimers bit with I’m gonna be (500 miles) was both fun and emotional, the place got filled with people, and fun, and love. Me talking in front of all the people about my walk around the world made me really nervous right before, but once I got the talking-on-the-stage part out of the way, it really was ... [read more]