From London to Shoreham: 32 km (413 km)

From London to Shoreham: 32 km (413 km)

The World Photo Tour update. After  leaving London, I now have a clear walking path to Dover. About three-four days to go before leaving the UK and entering France.

It got a bit hard to leave London. And I actually spent more time in London than initially intended. After some meetings with people from WaterAid, The British Heart Foundation, Lyca Mobile and the Romanian Embassy, I was finally good to go. But not before walking some more around the Royal Albert Hall, the Buckingham Palace, Greenwich, the Olympic village and shopping centre in Stratford (where I met my love again – the good ol’ Mini) and Canary Wharf, a financial centre which thrived through Romanian’s George Iacobescu providential expertise. That is Sir George Iacobescu, as he was recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for services to charity, community and the financial services industry. While in Canary Wharf, knowing that in the area’s redevelopment Sir Iacobescu’s role was crucial, I could not help bunt feel just a tiny bit of [guilty] nationalist pride.

On that note, I left London on Saturday, landing in Sevenoaks, where I paid a tribute to the oldest brewer in Britain – Shepherd Neame, and I must say, the Spitfire (named after the plane that stood high against the Wehrmacht Luftwaffe) was great!

Towards the end of the day, I reached Nicki and Mark’s place, a really nice British country house. The time I spent here – delightful! Lovely people – really curious on what I’m doing, it was nice to sit down by the fireplace and talk about the road so far (it was interesting to show the route and map to the kids – Izabell and Felix – and it was both interesting and funny to answer their questions). Lovely house, lovely view, lovely things to take photos of. I start to have the feeling that by the end of my walk I will miss a huge amount of places I travelled around and a lot of people I’ve met. And Nicki and Mark and this corner of the world near the village of Shoreham in Kent just add to that list, although I’ll see Nicki and Mark again in Sidney. :) But until then, I will miss Nicki’s delicious lunch. And let’s not forget Izabell’s creamy and light tiramisu.

About what I already miss from Harrogate, in the next post. In the morning I will get busy walking, hoping to reach Canterbury in two days.

The World Photo Tour – London - Shoreham 62

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  1. Karen Noble

    I am loving your photos! I think No. 50 is my absolute favorite so far, although there’s just too many fantastics shots to really chose only one.
    Am enjoying following your journey. Say HELLO to world for me!
    Be safe.
    Harrogate, England

  2. mihaitufasen

    Fotografiile tale sunt foarte reusite,si ne aduc o stare de liniste sufleteasca privindu-le: daca ar fi sa facem un top 10 asi incepe cu 23,21,22,51,52,8,49,50,47,48… of, dar nu stiu care ar fi prima din toate aste. 57 srabate cu privirea distanta pe care o ai de facut……Te imbratisam cu mult drag mama si tata. Vaslui-Romania

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