From Worksop to Sutton in Ashfield – 29 km (total: 131 km)

From Worksop to Sutton in Ashfield – 29 km (total: 131 km)

The World Photo Tour with a bit of flash-back. So… where was I? It was on the shore of Langold Lake where I pitched the tent and wrote the last update, with no photos though. Until then, that day, when I departed from Doncaster, I took some more photos on the way, through the beautiful Tickhill and at the lake, as I arrived in the Dukeries Disrict (home of a lot of ducal residencies), playing with some long exposures. In the morning, as I went through the woods back to the main road, I met Jay-Jay, a grey hound, and his owner, who saved the dog from racing about two years ago. I was quite surprised to find out that the previous owner, one of those rich posh ladies, after the dog started coming in second at the age of two, starved and beat the poor animal. RSPCA came in and from there it was all good for Jay-Jay.

Once in Worksop, I headed for the first computer bits and parts shop that came in my way and I was fortunate enough to meet some friendly Polish guys at the local e-Centre. They ordered me a new display on eBay with next day special delivery so I had to stay foot. I took the opportunity to wonder around Worksop for some more shots. From the nice and cozy town centre to the team pulling a bike out of river Ryton. In the morning I arrived at the shop at the very same minute as The Royal Mail car did. With the new screen put back in place by Pavel, I was ready to go.

It was half past 12 and 29 km were ahead of me. The worst kilometers so far. The sky was darkened with clouds that were obviously planning their attack. And they did plan it well. The drizzle came with a blast. If anything, I would have wished for huge, rare, one-litre drops so I could have dodge them, but there’s nothing like that. And the rain was fine, but what was actually making it a brutal day was the constant head wind. All day long. At most, sometimes it was lateral, making it a bit worse, sometimes pushing me sideways (towards cars, yay!). I still managed to get some shots on the way, not even looking through the viewfinder, but barely taking the camera out, trying my best to protect it from getting too wet.

The weather aside, I enjoyed yesterday’s walk through Nottinghamshire. As Bob puts it, this one is a ‘Marmite’ county. You either love it or you hate it. Well, I love marmite, and I love Nottinghamshire even more!

By the end of the day, I managed to pull a trick and getting to Sutton in Ashfield took me no more than 6 hours.

Once in town centre, I pulled in The White Swan Pub. There I met Stephan, this German guy. And the beer started flowing. Had to say no to a couple, though, but we enjoyed talking a bit about politics and Jägermeister.

Later at night, I headed to Fiona’s parents –  Joyce and Jeff Welch. They took me in, fed me and put me up for a night. In the morning we had a good filling breakfast, took a photo and said good-bye.

Hoping to reach Nottingham today, although I got a new set of blisters. On yesterday’s walk I decided to wear the backpack a bit higher, which considerably had an effect on the way forces are pressing on my feet. All good though, every little piece of my body needs to get harder.

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