From Znojmo to Bratislava, via Wien

From Znojmo to Bratislava, via Wien

Go somewhere. Do something. Come back changed or keep moving on until you do. The World Photo Tour goes on, taking over the world one picture at a time, this time with the story update from The Czech Republic through Austria all the way to Bratislava.

So. 100 km walk under 24 hours done. Me done, rest done. Barely made it! I stinking, I was tired, I was dirty and in pain, but I smiled. Actually  101 km in less than 24 hours. Walking time: 20 hours 7 minutes. Breaks time: 2 hours 50 minutes. Overall: 22 hours 57 minutes. My feet were are screaming but they are golden.

Meet Pavel Kkovarik and his lovely girlfriend. Fell in love with two lazy cats. Love and envy. This episode kind of began with them. So after the rest, after the quiet night with fish and wine, after a dreamless sleep, reaching Austria, it was time for good-bye. Should’ve actually said see you soon. And soon came early.

Enter Austria. Welcoming with Zwiebel Fest in Laa an der Thaya. Praise the onion! Meet Nora Till, the girl that does all sorts of decorative and hippy jewellery stuff. Meet Gerlinde Ernst and Birgit Denner, the beekeepers. Have a treat, have some honey. Good-bye and off to Wien. Two days of walking ahead.

Let’s play a game of supposing. Suppose you are in my shoes for one day long. What would you do during that day? How do you picture it? Let me know in the comments. Anything goes! ;)

Off to Wien, then. Short unplanned surprisingly nice stop in Klement. 1.000 + things to buy. 1.000 + things to see. All in one small nice house. A little heaven corner. Recommended by The World Photo Tour: 1.000 schöne Dinge in Flokerlhof. If there, check it out. Susanne Gruber and Gerhard Eisner are great folks.

I then reached Wien, at the end of a particular hot day.

Meet Danube. Meet three nice girls wearing traditional Austrian dresses. Meet Mr. Moritz von Hohenstauffen. Meet Annette Peters. Let Wien roll, spin and take you by surprise. Open up, take it all in. Good music, good people, nice sunsets ‘on the beach’. Visit around. UN HQ, museums, Schönbrunn Palace. Enter the routine of randomness. Have good photos, have bad photos. Win some, loose  some. Mix everything, bits of Moon, bits of Mars, optics and perspective disturbing discussions, fool around, be nice, be serious, be arrogant, forget the world and people, forget yourself, be humble, be amazed, in an orgy of images and senses and symbold everywhere you might look. The planets are aligning, constantly, getting closer and closer to perfection, only to see it as chaos again, become confused and stay like that for three days. This mesmerising dream that life has become, this mash-up of situations, they all talk to me and I reply by living.

Mr. Jules Winnfield, after being the coolest mo’ fo’ on Earth, after giving the ‘The path of the righteous one is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men…’, decides to leave the dirty business. Ever noticed what he intends to do after? He wants to walk the earth. Word. Just noticed that myself out of the blue upon seeing that movie for like the 8th time or something in a special sort of viewing.

Wien left a beautiful, yet questionable scar to scratch and peel again and again. Healing is forgetting. And all your books and all your songs and all your movies which you so much like, and all the paintings and sculptures and drawings which you appreciate, and all the photos as well, these are all your mirrors which you apparently need so much. You want to put yourself in everything you like. Yes, I am all my mirrors put together and it’s from these very mirrors I collect my good thoughts and well-being as a state of mind. It’s been a pleasure, Wien!

– So, what’s your favourite place so far on the walk?
– My favourite place is always ‘now’. And it’s not necessarily a place, but a feeling.

Off to Bratislava. Two days. No preparations. Little money. As I like it. Hmm, if the world was a bank, it would have been saved by now. Read this somewhere. Probably the politicians should see it as important as a bank, only then they would act.

And tomorrow I enter the 7th capital on this road so far. Mihai, meet Bratislava. Bratislava, meet Mihai. Say hello to Danube again. Nice to see old friends every once in a while. Meeting with Lucia Švecová. And we get totally pissed. Haha! Actually disregard that, Lucia does not drink. Meet Pavel Kkovarik again, out of blue. He was just visiting. Meet Miguel Rosa. Portuguese in Slovakia. He quite enjoys it. Shows us around. Puts us up for a couple of nights. I tend to be intimidated by people who collect. I don’t want to collect anything but photos and feelings. The more extreme, the more contrasting, the merrier. Yet again. Museums. Castles. UFO’s. On the bridge and in the sky. Nothing is off limits. Big little country, big little city. Big little life. All cosy and nice, nothing of the ‘Hostel’ situation. We’ve put all our fears in movies and books and news, when actual life is anything but that. Greeting the world one day at a time goes on now. Smiling. In peace. I walk.

Dear friends, a wise man, goes by the name of Epicurus, once said something as simple as it is epic – that death needn’t concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist. Long live then!

Writing from Romania now, in the weird comfort of not being on the road. Winter break. Will get it up to date soon.

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