Fun along the way. Budapest, Kecskemét, Szeged, border: 200 km (total: 3.606 km)

Fun along the way. Budapest, Kecskemét, Szeged, border: 200 km (total: 3.606 km)

The World Photo Tour ready to check another country off the list. This time, Hungary. And leaving Budapest in three, two, one… but not before a short walk around. Terror Museum, a powerful reminder of the communism times in Hungary, and Hero’s Square included. Now it’s time to walk!

General direction: south. Reaching Kecskemét in two days. Two long days, that is. Tired of the Pannonian boring plains and the scorched crops all around and all the way the eyes can see. The little wind only carried dust and turned the air into frontal hot waves. Good good walk. Enough bragging. Having reached Kecskemét I was taken in by Attila Rácz. Thanks Couchsurfing! Interesting man. Moustache, but not hipster. History passionate, but not fanatic on nationalism. With the knowledge to make a darn good cherry wine. The only thing interrupting our pleasant conversation was my inevitaable slide to dreamland. The following morning I was shown around and then shown the town exit. Cheers, Attila, and good luck with your travel plans!

Now I took the decision to have myself another marathon. From Kecskemét to Szeged in just one day. And it took me a little under 22 hours. Probably the shittiest on my walk so far. It came as no surprise when a storm hit. And when it did, it came in full blast and little mercy. I didn’t even have time to shelter my camera. And remember the boots I bought in Berlin? Well, they turned out to be not so waterproof as I expected. It only took 10 minutes of that rain to have me wet. All wet. Hell, I could’ve jumped in a lake dressed and with the boots on and come out, it would have been the same. So regarding my plan to reach Szeged by next day? Well, I had to walk like that. Couldn’t do much about the boots, so I walked until they dried off, about 8 hours later. And then walked some more. The camera suffered a bit as well but no serious harm done, so finally, after a starry night and a beautiful red sunset, I reached Szeged and it was time to meet Kairi Anette, my first host here – a nice girl from Estonia studying at the local uni. Sleep time and a bit of rest first.

Milk-shop eating time then, meeting of some more people – uh, sometimes it’s just too much of them. Even Anette noticed and tried to protect me a little, and then off to meet Viktor Oláh and his girlfriend – altogether a lovely couple. Night with fire on the Tisza banks, wine and embers cooked potatoes and onions to go. The following day we spent time walking deep into the enchanted forest, together with this other couple – I keep on finding myself surrounded by them lately. :) Local legends. Local pride. But feeling all the world. Some pancakes, some music, some smokes. And time to go again. Romanian border not far away. Will you stop in Romania? – they ask upon leaving. I am scared of that as well. It depends. I said it before – only if I meet my love or my death. And dead I am not and that does not concern me, but in love I am.

As I walked to Romania I expected a lot and nothing. Actually had butterflies in my stomach. Today I enter Romania. I want to be ready. What will it be like? Okay, lay off the strong feelings, you just happened to be born here. The country I know best and love most? We shall see.

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