Going Vango – the sleeping bag

Right, so after I reached the decision that Vango Force 10 Helium 200 will be the best tent to provide me shelter on The World Photo Tour, the next big thing to choose wise for my walk around the world was the sleeping bag: another Vango product – Vango Viper 1000.

the CD in the photos is for size reference, good music, though, by Romanian artist Ada Milea

I already had a 3-season sleeping bag from Simon, but some of the temperatures I’ll face at points were not covered, so I had to go for the extreme. This one is stated to offer protection until a risk minimum temperature of -34 °C. Usually when I read the extreme temperature on a sleeping bag I think of it as the temperature just before you start dying, so I better be prepared for the worst. Add a silk liner then, that will give it a couple more degrees. But hey, if I’ll be out in the Asian steppes with those hard-core winters, or on top of mountain ranges, I will be sure to appeal to logic and common sense and combine the two sleeping bags, ever seen that? :)

Some specs that make the Vango Viper 1000 sleeping bag a heavy piece of shelter in itself:

  • Lower comfort: women -7°C, men -14°C
  • Extreme temperature: -34°C
  • Weight: 1.800 g
  • Packing size: 34 x 21 cm
  • Max Body Height: 190cm
  • Advanced trapezoidal construction
  • Polair RSN shell water resistant finish
  • 90/10 Goose Down
  • Four panel profiled hood
  • Multi cord hood closure with insulated face baffle
  • 3D insulated zip baffle
  • Insulated adjustable shoulder baffle
  • Zip guard with anti catch piping
  • Internal pocket
  • Two part compression sac

So with the tent, with all the clothes pieces, with the gloves and boots and socks and now with the sleeping bag, I can finally say I got the staying dry & warm out of the way.

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