Harrogate – Wetherby – Boston Spa – Tadcaster – Sherburn in Elmet: 36,4 km

Harrogate – Wetherby – Boston Spa – Tadcaster – Sherburn in Elmet: 36,4 km

My first day of walking around the world on The World Photo Tour actually started in the first hour of the 16th of February. I was still at home, saying goodbye to my aunt and cousin, as I later spent the night at Lucia. Once at hers, I jumped straight to sleep, as it was already 2 in the morning and at 8 I had to be in town centre at the Cenotaph for a last official goodbye. I must say, the sleep I had that night was the worst ever in my life. Hardly relaxing, constantly waking up confused. And when the morning finally arrived, it did so with power and grace. The sunrise was announcing a beautiful day. Lucia then fixed us both some yummy breakfast which we ate in a haste , but I was still late to meet the guys in town centre.

There there were Simon, Rachael, Georgia and Tom, Bob and Emma, Isi, Sally and Marc, Tanya, my aunt again, even Matt from Blues Bar was around, probably on his way to work. And let’s not forget Gem! Had a coup of coffee, had a group photo, had the fare-well, with some special mix of joy and tears and that was it. Off to the horizon!

So after that I was alone. A moment of hitting rock-bottom reality: I am alone now. But no time to think too much of it. So let’s get this thing rolling as it’s supposed to. All the way to Wetherby was pretty much easy. Great weather, spring is definitely around the corner and I could have not picked a better time to start The World Photo Tour. One last look back towards Harrogate. I’ll miss it.

I started walking and taking photos. A photo here, a photo there, a photo everywhere! Once in Spofforth I wanted to make my way on the old railway, as Bob advised me, but the public path was closed, so I had to keep to the main road. Actually, thinking about it, I don’t know what or who could have stopped me from going on the old railway anyway, but now it’s best to think that it was closed for a reason and that’s that.

Once in Wetherby I went in the town centre, where I had myself half an hour of break. I was quite nice down under the bridge over river Wharfe, with all the birds around. And having the weight off the shoulders felt good indeed.

After the short stop in Wetherby the scenery changed as I approached the A1(M) motorway to a rather dull one. A sign addressed to the drivers reminded me not to push myself too hard, but the goal was clearly set for the first day. In Boston Spa I replenished my water supply at Admiral Hawke Pub and then continued Eastwards to Tadcaster. Industrial, isn’t it? From Tadcasted I headed south through Towton, where at The Rockingham Arms I gave my feet a rest for about ten minutes.

It was between Towton and Sherburn in Elmet when the sunset was closing the day. And I must say, yesterday’s sunset seemed to me to last for ages.

Once in Sherburn in Elmet I got a phone call from a national radio in Romania for an interview. The most surprising was this set: Do you have a girlfriend? No. If you were to have one, from which country would you prefer her to be? To which my answer was… nationality is of little to no importance whatsoever. As an individual, being English or Romanian or Pakistani or Brazilian doesn’t say anything about your personality, about who you are. As a human being, your contribution towards having the possibility to take pride on where you are from (how silly is that!) is none, zero. The fact that you are Romanian or Chinese or Russian. That is random, chance, nothing to do with who or what you are. So getting back to the question. I cannot answer.

The end of the day brought me at my friends, Anca and Tony, on the southern most tip of Sherburn in Elmet. A really nice meal, a really nice hot bath, some really nice big blisters and a very long sleep concluded day 1. May light be with me! :)

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