Hot Sevilla. And other Spain bits.

Hot Sevilla. And other Spain bits.

How does one prepare for a 10-day-mid-August trip through hot Morocco? Adjusting to the heat to follow by sunbathing on the streets of Sevilla might help, and that we did.

Having left Lisbon late afternoon, we made camp on the banks of Guadiana river before sunset. Next morning we waved off Portugal after the village of Barrancos and made our way to Sevilla after checking out the view over the Aracena castle.

Once in Sevilla, we took the temperature of the city. Not that we actually had a choice. 43°. So with a stop for a drink or ice-cream or both at every other corner, we made our way towards Plaza de España and the María Luisa park through mostly empty streets under the protection of the many parasols. One of which costed just under 100 million euros to build – yup, the Metropol Parasol!

Once at the park, we admired the Art Deco, Moorish and Renaissance Revival styles of architecture of the famous landmark. But what really got us dazed and amazed was the passion and energy put into an impromptu Flamenco show by local musicians, dancers and singers.

Interesting facts:

  1. It was Sevilla where, in 1519, Ferdinand Magellan departed from for the first circumnavigation of the Earth, down the Guadalquivir river, before heading out in more troubled waters in the open ocean.
  2. Miguel de Cervantes was imprisoned here for a short while. Tax fraud of some sort. :)

After the flamenco show, we headed back up the river and we checked out Torre del Oro and Plaza del Cabildo and called it a day early with plenty of leftover °s for the night. About 32 or so.

In the morning we continued our way through the south of Spain towards Morocco. A bit of stopping here – Arcos de la Frontera, a bit of stopping there – Zahara de los Atunes, and we finally set camp under the Bolonia Dunes, under a starry sky, and with Africa and the lights of Tangier in sight. Close. So close!

On the day I was to be for my first time in Africa (Fritzi had her better share of traveling!), we checked out Tarifa while getting ever so closer and closer to the other side. The heights of Jbel Musa were the threshold of the adventures to come. And all that followed is for another story.

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  1. Kathy

    Sounds like a great journey to Africa. I was in Sevilla a couple of years ago. Such a beautiful city. Morocco is also a place I love. It’s amazing that Africa is so close

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