London special – fast photo frenzy [Keep Calm and Walk Around the World]

London special – fast photo frenzy [Keep Calm and Walk Around the World]

I’m in London since four days ago already. The World Photo Tour. On fast forward. London? Fast paced. Fast traffic. Fast rising buildings. The Shard. Soon tallest in the European Union. Spectacular London. Impressive infrastructure. Amazing structures. Fast life. Fast food. Good food. Pakistani. Indian. Turkish. Thai. South African. German. French. Italian. Brazilian. You name it. Fast life. Fast growing religions. Long lasting protests.

Fast meeting with Robert. Fast chat about the system. Breaking that chat down: it will all fail. Humans don’t stand a chance to themselves. We are 7 billion strong. We are 7 billion weak. Robert’s view: the state of nature is conflict. Without it there’s no evolution. One day, the entire human race will be gone and with it everything we know and everything we are so clenched to, but life will prevail, may it be starting all over again from a seed, a cell, two atoms. It’s all I know about this subject. Still, knowing this and looking at all the wars [those very same conflicts from above]… I nod my head in powerless disbelief at the pointless actions we inflict on each other.

Fast switching back to the present. Fast coming Olympic Games. fast changes. Fast tube. Fast news. Putin re-elected. Fast coming, fast going tourists. Fast money. Old money. New money. No money. Fast changing weather. Don’t like it? Wait five minutes. Fast meetings. It’s 11 o’clock. Where are you? Downstairs. Upstairs. Across. On the other side. Keep in touch with everybody. Sorry, Mum&Dad. Sorry Lucia. Sorry, Roksana. Fast words, fast lines. Short lines. I’m fine. You? Same. Good. Fast life. People assume I’m on some sort of a holiday. It’s more and more becoming like a job, the best and hardest I ever had. Fast walking. Fast writing. Fast time. Hyde Park. Sunset. Fast serenity.

Fast life.

Fast photos.

Keep calm. Enjoy!

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