Moan? Naah, just saying about them blisters

This ones comes from the pain chapter of  The World Photo Tour. I was about after three quarters in Day 1 of the 36 km walk from Harrogate to Sherburn in Elmet when I first felt them. At first, just as a mild feeling of burning. Later on, towards the end of the day, what merely felt like a sensation earlier turned into actual pain. It was coming from both feet, from the same spot on the soles, but not equally, more from the right foot, still each step got a bit harder.

And it’s only these two blisters that I have to deal with now. I know it takes time for the skin to get harder, so I’ll have to endure this one for about two weeks. Until then, I’m doing all my pest to keep my feet clean and I’m taking special care: marigold cream comes after a warm water mixed with vinegar wash, and when the marigold cream is absorbed, more cream follows: antiseptic, just in case they might decide to burst. And when the antiseptic cream is absorbed, some baby talc powder to keep the moisture away. And everything gets covered in breathable plasters. I will not take any advice regarding bursting them myself. I don’t want to make a deliberate call to any risk of getting these two infected. Mind you for the pics, you might find them gross. They are here just to show the other not-so-fun side of the walking.  But, what’s good after all, is that apart from these two blister cities I am doing quite well… And when I’ll get rid of these two I’ll be even better. So apart from taking the best possible care of the blisters while waiting for my body to do the trick for me, there’s not much I can do. Some days of pain ahead, though… Bring it on, I say!

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