My backpack: all the equipment I have

My backpack: all the equipment I have

One day before The World Photo Tour starts, I am glad I was able to fit everything in one 85l backpack. On my walk around the world, considering I have to be ready for various situations, this is what I will carry with me most of the times.

– the backpack itself, 85l; waterproof bags, various capacities;
the camera, Nikon D200, 50mm lens; charger, battery;
– laptop; charger, USB sticks, USB modem;
– mobile phone, charger, different SIM cards;
– solar power charger for the phone, camera and laptop;
– universal power adapter;
tent, ultralight but sturdy;
4 season sleeping bag; 2 season sleeping bag; sleeping bag liner;
– sleeping mat, self inflatable; thin foam sleeping mat;
– inflatable pillow;
– signaling/surviving mirror;
– water purifying tablets;
– stormproof lighter; Zippo lighter; two canisters of gas;
– a cansiter of butane/propane mix; compact gas stove; cooking pots and pans; aircraft alloy cutlery;
– ropes; Leatherman multi-tool; Swiss army knife;
– head torch;
– fire starter;
– windproof jacket; winter gloves; gloves liner;
– hat; scarves;
– fleece jacket;
– balaclava;
– rain suit;
– gaiters;
– T-shirts; shorts;
– thermals;
– pants, windproof;
– my traditional Romanian shirt;
– underwear;
– socks, Merino Wool;
– two flasks;
– towel;
– first aid kit; medicine; vitamins;
– toiletries, toothbrush, nail clipper;
– sun lotion; cream;
– compass;
– a very special letter;

total weight this far: 24,6 kg

– and last but not least, all your love and support.

total weight now – down to zero



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