On and off the beaten track in Lisbon

On and off the beaten track in Lisbon

Always a good season for visiting Lisbon. And if it is spring, even more – you won’t be bothered by crowds of tourists as in summer – a nuisance especially on the narrow streets, and it doesn’t rain that much. So grab your good walking shoes and get exploring! Alfama? Check! Bairro Alto? Check! Sweet tram ride? Also. Pastéis de nata? Mnom-mnom! Jardim da Estrela? Welcome to the chic-est park in Lisbon and relax! You already climbed up and down a lot. Hop on the train at Cais do Sodré until Estoril and see the sunset on the beach? Done. Admire Lisbon from all the miradouros? Almost complete, but you should be fine with Santa Catarina, São Pedro de Alcântara, Jardim do Torel, Senhora do Monte and last, but not least, Graça. Have a drink at Chapitô? Make sure the circus is in town! Coffee at the one of the many elegant street kiosk? Much needed, thanks! Browse around at the Feira da Ladra flea-market? A bargain! Just get lost many times? With pleasure, you won’t be disappointed! This is how we got to discover a well kept secret: São Cristóvão, a restaurant serving both Cape Verdean and Mozambican cuisine. Just wait for the music to start, when the cook’s husband starts playing his guitar! Nothing fancy or glamorous here, just a familiar honest place with honest hard-working people.

And that’s that! Three days in Lisbon made us move here a year later. First in Alfama, then in Estoril. :) Now we visit Lisbon every other day and we got used to still being surprised and still discovering around.

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