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It was about eight months ago when I met photographers Simon and Rachael Meyer from SiRAstudio in Harrogate. Without them, The World Photo Tour would not have been possible. And today they pushed everything forward. This one is for them.


I was looking for a job in the photography area in Harrogate back in August last year and it was Mark Jarvis who first introduced me to these extraordinary people.

Quite surprising for me back then as I was on the downturn of loosing any hope in my chances of getting out of the emotional and financial pit I was in, they accepted to meet me. So I went at their office for a chat about what I want to do. It was probably  the first occurrence when I actually got there on time. I started working for them doing photography, Photoshop and some administration jobs. And coffee. With no sugar for Rachael, with one for Simon and with 3 kilos for me. It took me a while to get the coffees straight. :) And taking Gem out every now and then. :)

Not a single time while  I worked with Simon and Rachael did I feel anything else but pure joy of doing what I like with people like them. They gave me confidence when I had none, they treated me good and it was them who helped me get my hands on my very first own camera, as before that I did all my work on borrowed equipment.

To mention just some of the special moments I spent working or having fun with them, I would always like to remember the first day of work, tre trip down to London at Heathrow, even the LABBS convention, the party night at The Swan Hotel, when they got me dressed as this ’30s paparazzi photographer, my birthday, Simon’s birthday, Rachael’s birthday, Crafters gigs in York and Leeds, the first school photography days, all the great bands Rachael introduced me to, and I could go on and on and on…

And today they took another step towards being these angels for me. The fact that they got me the laptop I so much need for my journey left me in a spot from which I don’t know how I’ll ever get even with them. All I can do is try, but I cannot stop but wonder at points – what did I ever do to deserve all of their generosity?

Thank you, Simon, thank you Rachael, thank you SiRAstudio for your kindness and generosity. It is because of people like you why the world is a better place. I will do my best as well as on this road ahead of me, but after completing my journey also, once back in Harrogate.


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