Port of Hamburg Birthday, 2012

Port of Hamburg Birthday, 2012

The world’s largest port festival ended in Hamburg last night. The 823rd birthday celebration of the harbour was topped-up with an impressive fireworks display, at the end of a celebration attended by roughly 300 ships and 1.5 million tourists from all over Germany and abroad. Just some of the photos now, the rest, from the day-parties, will follow in the next walking episode.

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  1. Parker

    Salutare, tari pozele, am urmarit tot site-ul tau si e chiar foarte interesant. Presupun ca esti cel de la Xplorio sau esti prieten cu el, ca de acolo am venit aici.
    Vezi ca s-ar putea sa ai un padding-right prea mare la pozele astea in miniatura (thumb). Am impresia ca e vorba de 10 pixeli. Pune macar si stanga sus si jos, sau scoate-l. Eu iti recomand sa pui padding-top, left, right, bottom, cate 3 pixeli si sa mai micsorezi un pic borderul (maxim 5 pixeli).
    Sper sa te descurci.

    Toate cele bune.

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