Rest time now. About the journey: why?

Rest time now. About the journey: why?

Balkans special night: watching Underground for the 6th time. First saw this film when I was 17, but cannot get enough of it. Without doubt, one of the few cinematographic pure gems from one of the greatest movies director, Emir Kusturica.

In other news, today I was interviewed for the first time regarding my walk around the world by Robin Scott, reporter of Harrogate Advertiser. The hardest question was still the same: why? As in why walk around the world? When asking this question, people expect some ‘out of the book’ philosophical deep-meaning reply, which sometimes just does not exist. Or if it does, it’s buried deep inside me. One honest straight out-of-the-box response to why? is because. Another one, extended from the first, is because I realised I’m as free as I need to be to do it and because I can. Robin told me people might get jealous on me and on what I’m about to experience, although I figure people have nothing to be jealous on. It will be hell at points. Plus, everyone is as free as they want to do anything. You are not your job. You are not how much money you (don’t) have in the bank. You are not the shoes you wear. You are not the contents of your wallet. – remember this?

In one of the lowest moments in my life, I came to a point where I asked myself what I want to do before I die. And this was the answer.

Tomorrow I will take a decision on the tent.

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