Roundtripping: Bodrum, Mazı, Gümüşlük and Torba. And then Mazı again.

Roundtripping: Bodrum, Mazı, Gümüşlük and Torba. And then Mazı again.

This is what we do: wander around. No guide books and no guided tour. We don’t want to cheat ourselves out of the possibilities of an adventure, with its ups and downs. And usually, the less we know about the tourist attractions and hotspots beforehand, the better. It’s sure nice to discover, first hand experience. So as we wanted to escape the Istanbul frenzy for a while, flying to Bodrum thinking of giving us 4 days of strolling in the pursuit of some cozy retreat somewhere on a forgotten beach, well, we kinda did just that. :)

We kicked off the first day with tea and coffee in Bodrum. It didn’t take long to realize we don’t want to spend more time there. So we took out our phones and google-mapped our intentions: is there a place around that, as seen from satellite, might hold the promise of a cozy remote beach? We soon narrowed in some options and decided that a small village east of Bodrum might just be it: Mazı. So off we were! To the dolmuş! To the promised paradise!

The ride there took about one hour, enough time to have a good mix between enjoying the beauty of the scenery and exchanging signs and broken turkish words with the curious locals. Once in Mazı, the little expectations we had were more than exceeded. We were actually welcomed by the nice people there as if we came back home from somewhere, ready to tell stories to long-waiting friends. After some tea and biscuits and a chit-chat, this time enhanced by the presence of a dictionary, the beach was all ours! The Aegean was calm and the whole afternoon quiet, a subtle invitation to blend in the scenery and wander around, this time with the mind, contemplating on the beauty and tranquillity we found ourselves in, getting lost in this little corner of earthy paradise.

In the evening, we enjoyed some fresh fish and then we spent the most of the night gazing at stars from outside our tent above the sea.

And not that we were bored with it already or anything, but in the morning, after a dip in the water, some greed of exploring got the best of us when deciding to go away and maybe find other nice beaches. D’oh! Anyway, so off we were, this time to Gümüşlük. But no, this was not it, we knew it immediately. And neither was Torba, a day later. I mean yeah, sure, nice and all, but not the same. It was Mazı that had the sweet, and with a day left before our flight back to Istanbul, we decided to stop fooling around with this non-sense pursuit for even more, and taste that place one more time. And with that first day, and with the last night and the morning after, even after some years, Mazı has a special place on our mind-map of past travels. It’s bookmarked and holds a permanent spot on the list of places to revisit.

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