What am I doing these days

With 34 days to go before I start walking on The World Photo Tour, I am spending most of my time doing a lot of reading, a lot of research reading, walking and a lot of sleeping. Trying out different equipment and gear with a full-loaded backpack. Walking miles at night or whenever. Reading about others’ adventures, documenting on remote places like The Namib and Kalahari Deserts, Alaska and Yukon, Patagonia, Western ... [read more]

The words that made me cry. And gave me wings.

I already told my parents about my decision to set out on a walk around the world adventure – The World Photo Tour, as I call it, more like The Walk Around The World Photo Tour actually. I will let you know about their reaction in one of the following posts. Until then, ‘Here’s some poetry for the road!’, some good friends said. The next persons to tell about my walk around the world taking photos were my employers. Although ... [read more]

The idea. The decision. Walking around the world.

The idea. The decision. Walking around the world.
It was a week ago when I took the decision: to walk around the world, circumnavigating the Earth one step at a time. As such a news could not be kept secret, the first ones to have known about this were my parents. This is what I wrote them: Mom, Dad, I am writing to let you know that what I’ve been thinking lately is rolling and happening and I now believe that my life so far was just a prelude to this moment. I always wanted to ... [read more]