Visa Requirements for a Walk Around the World

One of the most important things to take into consideration on a walk around the world trip is the visas one must obtain. And it to me a while to figure it out, wasting time while searching information separately for the visa requirements for each country The World Photo Tour will take me to. Do I need visa fr this country? Do I need visa for that country? Can I obtain a visa on arrival? Do I need d apply beforehand? And then I ... [read more]

Still (in) Harrogate

Nearly 10 days to go until setting out on The World Photo Tour and nature has brought some snow, just to remind us that it is actually winter. So how is everybody? And how are you enjoying the snow? Any snow ball fights? Any snow angels? Any snow men? Any sledging snowboarding or skiing today? Come on, you know snow is fun! At night it’s not really that different, but you get a lot of yellow snow. And not because of the huskies, ... [read more]

On these days…

On these days…
I know I haven’t been so vocal these days, so here’s an update: – I worked 25 hours in the last 48 – as in a proper job, the HIC is was packed. – I am tired, can barely find the time for anything, these days are hell juggling with two jobs and the preparations on top and I actually can hardly wait to be on the road, away from all the hassle of the now. – The World Photo Tour Leaving Party will be held at Blues Bar in Harrogate on ... [read more]

Four seasons to Fewston

Today I walked to Fewston as part of my training for The World Photo Tour, just some 12 miles altogether. I was quite good,  got them blisters appearing, but what was actually good was that I had a companion in Robert for a while. And remember Gem*, the photo bombing dog? :) Conditions The walk started well, having the backpack loaded to 32 kilos, I walked up to the Army Foundation College in sunshine. Some clouds gathered then ... [read more]

A decision has been reached – tent: checked

I’ve been wondering around yesterday in some of Harrogate’s outdoor shops searching and taking a decision on the best tent for my walk around the world out of the three short listed. That is, for the first European leg. So after pitching tents at Blacks and Cotswold, the winner, receiving ‘the best tent’ award, is Vango Force 10 Helium 200. The weight (1,3 kilograms), the low condensation, the fast pitching time – it took me 4 ... [read more]

Rest time now. About the journey: why?

Rest time now. About the journey: why?
Balkans special night: watching Underground for the 6th time. First saw this film when I was 17, but cannot get enough of it. Without doubt, one of the few cinematographic pure gems from one of the greatest movies director, Emir Kusturica. In other news, today I was interviewed for the first time regarding my walk around the world by Robin Scott, reporter of Harrogate Advertiser. The hardest question was still the same: why? As ... [read more]