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The Moldavian Stew was good

The Moldavian Stew was good
It was winter food last night at Fiona and Bob for an intimate World Photo Tour leaving party: traditional Romanian Moldavian Stew, and even some Romanian wine – Ovid’s Tear – Lacrima lui Ovidiu, with some really tasty cheesecake with strawberry. I thought I would’ve get drunk and waste myself, but it was anything but that. Could not drink like I used to a while ago, probably because of all the stress, but I hope everyone had a ... [read more]

Four seasons to Fewston

Today I walked to Fewston as part of my training for The World Photo Tour, just some 12 miles altogether. I was quite good,  got them blisters appearing, but what was actually good was that I had a companion in Robert for a while. And remember Gem*, the photo bombing dog? :) Conditions The walk started well, having the backpack loaded to 32 kilos, I walked up to the Army Foundation College in sunshine. Some clouds gathered then ... [read more]

Walking the walk training photo shoot

Today I woke up at 12, like a real champion – still fiddling with bits and bobs on the website keeps me up late in the night. Ate, sent some more partnership emails, then geared up and loaded the backpack for a little bit of training, photo and video shooting, courtesy of Rachael and Simon of SiRAstudio. Headed to Fewston at The Robinsons (jeez, what a location!) and walked the walk. So here’s the result, you’ll have a nice ... [read more]