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Fare-well, UK! | What I miss from Harrogate already

As I’m just about to enter France on a new chapter on my walk around the world that I started a month ago, as I leave the UK behind, as I think about how it all began and what will there be – I think it’s enough, you got the point – mixed feelings started bothering me. On one hand, there’s excitement for the unknown unknowns ahead, on the other, there’s the more and more  powerful feeling of longing. And there’s a lot that I ... [read more]

Harrogate – Wetherby – Boston Spa – Tadcaster – Sherburn in Elmet: 36,4 km

Harrogate – Wetherby – Boston Spa – Tadcaster – Sherburn in Elmet: 36,4 km
My first day of walking around the world on The World Photo Tour actually started in the first hour of the 16th of February. I was still at home, saying goodbye to my aunt and cousin, as I later spent the night at Lucia. Once at hers, I jumped straight to sleep, as it was already 2 in the morning and at 8 I had to be in town centre at the Cenotaph for a last official goodbye. I must say, the sleep I had that night was the worst ... [read more]

People I don’t know how I’ll ever thank enough | VDiary test

It was about eight months ago when I met photographers Simon and Rachael Meyer from SiRAstudio in Harrogate. Without them, The World Photo Tour would not have been possible. And today they pushed everything forward. This one is for them. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aao8Vw-e8c8] I was looking for a job in the photography area in Harrogate back in August last year and it was Mark Jarvis who first introduced me to these ... [read more]

Soundtracks for a walk around the world

Many are asking me – So, you will listen to a lot of music on the your walk around the world, won’t you?  I really don’t think so. Two equally important reasons: first, most of the times, I’ll need to pay attention to what’s going on around me; second, will need to preserve my power sources at all times, although I will carry an universal solar charger for the camera, laptop and phone. But that doesn’t mean I will not listen to ... [read more]

Before going to sleep, after 14 hours of work

Before going to sleep, after 14 hours of work
U-hu-hooo! With an introduction song by Matt Goldberg. Travelling man. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs2KXusr6so] It’s 5AM. Less that three hours ago I finished my last shift working at Kudos, the company that handles the catering for the Harrogate International Centre. And I am now just one week before walking on The World Photo Tour. My stay with them was short, but I must say the guys and girls there are the warmest ... [read more]

Still (in) Harrogate

Nearly 10 days to go until setting out on The World Photo Tour and nature has brought some snow, just to remind us that it is actually winter. So how is everybody? And how are you enjoying the snow? Any snow ball fights? Any snow angels? Any snow men? Any sledging snowboarding or skiing today? Come on, you know snow is fun! At night it’s not really that different, but you get a lot of yellow snow. And not because of the huskies, ... [read more]