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Fare-well, UK! | What I miss from Harrogate already

As I’m just about to enter France on a new chapter on my walk around the world that I started a month ago, as I leave the UK behind, as I think about how it all began and what will there be – I think it’s enough, you got the point – mixed feelings started bothering me. On one hand, there’s excitement for the unknown unknowns ahead, on the other, there’s the more and more ¬†powerful feeling of longing. And there’s a lot that I ... [read more]

People I don’t know how I’ll ever thank enough | VDiary test

It was about eight months ago when I met photographers Simon and Rachael Meyer from SiRAstudio in Harrogate. Without them, The World Photo Tour would not have been possible. And today they pushed everything forward. This one is for them. I was looking for a job in the photography area in Harrogate back in August last year and it was Mark Jarvis who first introduced me to these extraordinary people. Quite surprising for me back ... [read more]

The Moldavian Stew was good

The Moldavian Stew was good
It was winter food last night at Fiona and Bob for an intimate World Photo Tour leaving party: traditional Romanian Moldavian Stew, and even some Romanian wine – Ovid’s Tear – Lacrima lui Ovidiu, with some really tasty cheesecake with strawberry. I thought I would’ve get drunk and waste myself, but it was anything but that. Could not drink like I used to a while ago, probably because of all the stress, but I hope everyone had a ... [read more]

Walking the walk training photo shoot

Today I woke up at 12, like a real champion – still fiddling with bits and bobs on the website keeps me up late in the night. Ate, sent some more partnership emails, then geared up and loaded the backpack for a little bit of training, photo and video shooting, courtesy of Rachael and Simon of SiRAstudio. Headed to Fewston at The Robinsons (jeez, what a location!) and walked the walk. So here’s the result, you’ll have a nice ... [read more]

The words that made me cry. And gave me wings.

I already told my parents about my decision to set out on a walk around the world adventure – The World Photo Tour, as I call it, more like The Walk Around The World Photo Tour actually. I will let you know about their reaction in one of the following posts. Until then, ‘Here’s some poetry for the road!’, some good friends said. The next persons to tell about my walk around the world taking photos were my employers. Although ... [read more]