The days my mind stood still but my feet kept moving. To Worksop. 24 km. (total: 102 km)

The days my mind stood still but my feet kept moving. To Worksop. 24 km. (total: 102 km)

Continuing The World Photo Tour.

To my laptop (Sorry for treating you bad, I wish you get well soon):

When you lose something you can’t replace,
When you love someone, but it goes to waste,
Could it be worse?

Lights will guide you home!
And ignite your bones!
And I will try to fix you…

Sometimes, while on the road, I fear the day will end and I will have nothing to tell you about, or even worse, no photos to show. Which is the case now, but not because I did not take any these days, on the contrary.

My moods are not necessarily weather dependant, but yesterday it’s just been one of those days. Cloudy. Cold. Damp. Dull. Daft. Dim. The all time favourite British weather at its best. You got the idea. And I would’ve probably thiought not much of it, but yesterday morning disaster struck: my laptop’s screen got a bit crushed inside the packback, unfortunately all the padding in the world could not save it. Lesson learnt, though, a tough case is needed.

I got some photos I took with the phone at the cathedral in Doncaster the other day, at least those will bring some colour into this post.
As I am writing this I am in a room at The Station Hotel in Worksop, a very kind lady – June – offered to pay for a night when hearing about the laptop happening from Sharon, an equally kind woman working at a local charity shop. Now I need to wait for a new screen which has been already ordered by some techy polish guys – dispatched today, it’s due to arrive in the morning.

Today I mostly wondered around Worksop. Werchesope, that is, documentary attested long before the Norman Conquest.

It was good to wash off the industrial-looking Doncaster with some nice scenery – first the bohemian cosy Tickhill with all its beautiful houses, then Worksop with its amazing pedestrianised town centre. And as I was wondering around today I even managed to have my story spread at the local Guardian. Did it in Doncaster as well at Free Press.

I almost feel no pain at all now, after experiencing a lot of it these days. There was long, agonizing pain, and then there were short bursts of intense outbreaks, there was pressure pain, there was burning pain, there was knife-sharp pain, there was biting pain, and even nice little sweet pain, the kind that’s there just to let me know I am still alive. And that in every body part you can think of. The worst is in the morning, when waking up everything hurts. 3 minutes of exercise are a good fix for that. And then it all comes back near the end of the day, when I know I have a bit more to go until I lay down.

Tomorrow I hope to get my laptop back. And I hope to get myself beyond Mansfield, to Sutton in Ashfield.

Post edited on the phone. No proper photos on this post update of The World Photo Tour. I will get back at you on that.

Sleep tight, everyone!

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  1. mihaitufasen

    Incercarile la care ai fost supus zilele astea vor face bine pentru experienta ta viitoare! Inceputul nu a fost asa usor , dar tu vei putea trece cu bine de incercari si mai grele. Familia si prietenii iti vor fi alaturi ori de cate ori va fi nevoie! Mergi cu incredere inainte!

  2. Roxa

    Hey, dude! Astazi le-am spus tuturor prietenilor ce tip misto esti, cat curaj ai avut sa zici “pana aici” vietii monotone si sa pleci. You’re my hero. :) O sa revin pe pagina asta foarte des de-acum inainte, sa vad cum mai esti si pe unde mai ajungi. Cand treci prin Romania, ai in Bucuresti casa, masa, tot ce vrei. Nu te sfii. :)

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