The frenzy goes on. From Aalborg to København, via Aarhus – 299 km (total: 2.171 km)

The frenzy goes on. From Aalborg to København, via Aarhus – 299 km (total: 2.171 km)

The walk around the world continues with the update for the Aalborg – Copenhagen leg. Camera, lights, action, photos! Oh, and the light! Amazing in this part of the world.

Ready for a new adventure? Have a coffee, sit back, enjoy the show! The latest on The World Photo Tour is here again. More photos, more people, more stories. Let’s begin!

The previous article on my walk around the world might have surprised some of you. But take that one as a first and anticipate if you can. So I was in Aalborg saying another goodbye to a handful of people – Vali, Cristian, Cosmin and Thea. What a crew! This is what happened from Aalborg to Copenhagen. But first, I would like to send out a big THANK YOU! to all the people that I ever met on this road, for without them none of this would’ve been possible at all. This road is mine as it is theirs. Hopefully, we’ll meet again!

I now remember I wrote this – “From Harrogate, I left running. I left fast. I left looking back with fear and crying.” – well, that was a while ago. Freeze frame in now. Actually, all my farewells are becoming intense. All my fare-wells are becoming more and more intimate, more and more precious, more and more fascinating, more and more joyful, more and more meaningful. “… i am shy and mysterious when i say my goodbyes, when i part with the ones i’ve come to love throughout my life…”. So long, Copenhagen! But not until…

The road to Copenhagen was a blast after a month spent in Aalborg. Skin on soles softened so naturally I ended up with fresh new blisters as soon as I hit the road. Nothing to it though, as they’re all gone now. Some realities just don’t matter any more, as others become more important. So finally, some peace for me. On the road again, alone. Or not really. Sometimes it’s enough to think of someone in order to feel that person with me.

Fast forward all the way to Aarhus, through Randers, through Grenaa, just for the heck of it.

And then Aarhus! Good place to be, interesting happenings and awesome people. For instance, Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi, a distant but aware guardian angel. At the point when I was entering the city of Aarhus, he was my only connection there. With no call credit, I went for a downtown café in search of an internet wi-fi hot-spot. And funny thing is, while I was going to the bar to ask for the internet password, although I was listening to music (I was safe, to my concern, I was half an hour away from a place to sleep), I hear this girl voice: “Mihai! Mihai!?”. No, wasn’t dreaming. And actually I turned around to this complete stranger whom I heard saying – “I think you’re going to spend the night at my place!”. Little did I know then that my Aarhus connection couldn’t actually take me in any more so he wrote on my behalf on an online message board. And the one that answered was going out to a party downtown. Before she left home, she did run a check on my website and that’s how I got recognized – obviously the big backpack helped! :) And after that, thate stranger girl was a stranger no more. So meet Simona and everything else that followed. Meet Ali, meet Vlad, meet Matei. Oh, and Marius Gavril – all lovely guys who really worked towards making my Aarhus experience a blast! And then again, probably nothing would’ve happened like that if it wasn’t for an ‘accidental’ coincidence. But nothing is random anymore. Tip of the trip: if in Aarhus, do go to the Aros Museum, and not only for the Rainbow Panorama! If in Aarhus do go to the beach. If in Aarhus do go to the Dyrehaven (the Deer Park). Do feed them with biscuits, they seem to love Prince! :)

Okay now, ready for a kick?

This is what I know by now. Remember me of this in the years to come.

I keep falling in and out of time, in and out of reality, or simply put, just in and out others percieve reality or time. I dwell in creating experiences, so here’s the one I am able to share with ‘others’ at this point. Enjoy this other show now!

Thinking.  Got to the point where my only safety net is thinking. That’s my only grasp of reality. That’s everyone’s actually. I think, therefore I am. Just like that. Quote or no quote.

I like and I want to DO as well, not only think and wonder or wander, for the possibilities, at this point, are endless, and not only for me.
You know more than think you know, just as you know less than you want to know. But no more tears, my heart is all dry now. I can laugh and I can cry as well, but cannot think about jobs or time or what to do because I just do. So who are ‘others’? Who am I?

On this road, I started to live all my dreams. Everything is possible and the randomness is not quite that random at all. Random things earn themselves random meanings, but most of the times those meanings are profound. I started to have a dialogue with everything around me, with all that i know and perceive of this thing some call life. What a profanity of perception through a word for such a big idea! There are signs everywhere I look. A mysterious pattern of happenings I could just take as accidental coincidences. Nothing is accidental, though. Everything has a meaning. And sometimes these voices come from everywhere, sometimes really loud. And I like it loud, but I prefer clear.

So what’s life? Who are you? Who am I? What is in your head? In your mind? What is your mind? What is mine? I don’t have a darn clue. I don’t know. I don’t know any of the answers. Yet… Maybe I’ll never get to know any of the answers. Maybe none of us really knows. Such a world is possible, I’m sure about that. But until my very last gasp for air in this world that I see and understand around me, never will I stop asking myself these questions. And many more.

What is real? What isn’t? Who are you? What’s in your head? Do you think anyone knows? How would that be? Do you think you know what’s in your head? What if there’s someone in your head but it’s not you? Someone manipulating or just another version of you, a different ‘me’? And then what is right? What is wrong? Who knows? Isn’t that why we have all the problems in the world around? Because we don’t know what others around are thinking? Isn’t this why we have laws? Preventive shit! Isn’t this why we have crimes, wars, religions? Because some of us believe themselves to be the holders of truth regarding what life is, regarding what is good or bad? Because some of us think to know and act on being sure about what’s the mystery of life and where is this coming from and where it is ending?

Who are you? How would it be if the one in front of you would know what you really think, all of it, all your deepest and most inner thoughts? May it be that you would be able to tell everything (have some courtesy for that option!), may it be that there is a possible world where someone could read your thoughts, all of them, a world in which you’d be naked, in which your mind would be clear to some or to all around you, a world in which some or all could see EVERYTHING you think. Isn’t it so that in that moment all your monsters would become real? All your dirty worlds and all your nasty thoughts and all your bad feelings about everything? All your insecurities and all your mistrust and all your brutal world of merciless? How cruel can you get?

But isn’t it so that in that moment all your beautiful worlds would also become visible and therefore real? Isn’t it so that reading this you also thought of beautiful worlds and happenings? You need those safety nets. Isn’t it so that just by thinking of beautiful you can create beautiful? So it’s all a matter of choice. Who do you trust now? Anyone can be better. Any person can be good. It’s just a matter of choice, of will – if there is any.

And it’s a nightmare to think you are right or wrong now. It’s a nightmare to think you are right all the time, it would be a nightmare if one would actually be right all the time. What if I am right? What if you, reading this, are right? That’s why we need to keep questioning everything. But we do need some certainties of this world. That’s science playground. Comes after research and learning, when we have to be sure of some things, for we need some constants in life. So learn everything. Listen to all the music, dance all the moves, do all  the mistakes, learn from anyone and from anywhere. Never stop wondering and be amazed with fascination for the possibility of ‘what if’. Remember when you were a kid and you were curious about everything? Remember that native and joyful curiosity, that natural need to know. Where’s all of it gone? Do you actually think you know more about this world than when you were 15? Or 5?

Now you can tell me who you are. So… Where were we again? Ah, København! Wasn’t impressed  by the landmarks, liked Christiania – nice pictures to risk something for, and specially enjoyed the streets. It was on the streets where I felt more like snapping all around. Like, for instance, the lovely ’50s gorgeous girls from Mondo Kaos.

Nothing bad can happen when over thinking. There’s nothing wrong with that, one voice tells me. You cannot die from something like this. But thing is, out of all the possible risk factors, the most dangerous one for a status-quo of this reality actually is an idea. An idea can become so important that it becomes dangerous for what we know to a certain point. Not that there’s anything wrong with the idea itself. It can be a good thing or not. You may never know. But an idea can become powerful enough to change the reality we already used to know. Things are moving, perspectives are shifting. Worlds are happening, universes are dancing, colliding and exploding together. For me, realizing this was Pandora’s box exploding in my face. I’m doing the best I can to manage all this, to cope with it, to deal with it. The one thing I can do is to talk about all of this so I am not alone here.

I need to say I am a bit mentally exhausted after enjoying some of the greatest conversations of my life on topics like the one above with some of the most interesting persons I met so far – starting in Aarhus with Simona, then taking it to everyone I met in Copenhagen – from Adrian Iacobescu who was so kind to give me a new set of lenses for the camera – to old friends like Claudiu, Snake, Marius and new ones but nevertheless as supporting as the first – Monica, Radu, Cosmin, Anca and her lovely sister Mihaela (who’s planning a trip around the world by herself sometime next year – so a round of applause for that!) and even people I thought years ago I’ll never see again – like Andreea and Emil.

Not done yet. You cannot say about a book that is actually science fiction. Not in the sense that it’s different from fiction, of which there’s already a assumption it’s  not based on real facts. It’s being considered that a biography is based on real facts and happenings – just because it’s about something that ‘actually’ happened in the past of a known person. So it’s normal in this case to make the assumption that a biography can be based as on real facts on anything a real person spoke, wrote, and most importantly, thought.
I believe that even science fiction books are based on real facts, because someone thought them. Imagined them. A biography, as said, based on real facts, can be based even on those thoughts that would lead one to write a science fiction book. And when we read those books, we imagine those worlds as well, we already assume the legitimate possibility of such ‘fiction’ worlds and ‘realities’ to exist, otherwise we could not perceive them at all, even if reading. Most of the times we think of those worlds somewhere in the future. We think of those worlds. For a word – written or spoken, and even more for a thought, to be based on ‘real facts and happenings’ doesn’t at all imply just the ‘real facts and happenings’ that we seem to be so sure of just because they happened in a known past. Something based on ‘real facts and happenings’ can also be based on facts and happenings from the future. From that very future we already take into consideration when we read, when we speak, when we think.

And one day we’ll be old thinking about all the stories that we could’ve told. We’ll be one. Aren’t we already? Is it better to have no regrets and no anticipation, but just this moment fresh and as is? For me, obviously, this other kingdom seems by far the best, although all the ‘new’ – new places, new people, new feelings, are sometimes overwhelming. Cannot stop now. It’s all getting way too interesting.

Oh, just one more mention. If, by any chance, you found out about what I do, bear in mind it’s only love, give it away! Sharing is so easy!

Over and out, off  to Germany! How do I feel? I feel like growing, for there’s always a next step.

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