The idea. The decision. Walking around the world.

The idea. The decision. Walking around the world.

It was a week ago when I took the decision: to walk around the world, circumnavigating the Earth one step at a time.

As such a news could not be kept secret, the first ones to have known about this were my parents. This is what I wrote them:

Mom, Dad,

I am writing to let you know that what I’ve been thinking lately is rolling and happening and I now believe that my life so far was just a prelude to this moment. I always wanted to do something great and now I’ve opened my eyes. I’ve always been looking for something and now I know. And the fact that I just spent four hours gazing at maps, the same way I used to do tons more as I was a child, only adds to the feeling that this is what I always wanted to do. now I feel this more than ever. I tried to have a ‘normal’ life, whatever that means, but I failed and maybe it just isn’t for me, at least not for the time being, a reason why, beginning with today, I will concentrate all my energy and time on one single purpose: touring the world, on foot.

I would like to set out on the road as soon as possible, but of course there are some trials and preparations that need to be done first. The most important thing at the moment is to reach Romania, after which the real challenge begins heading out East. At large, I have what I need: a strong back-pack, proper walking boots, good outdoor clothing and strong determination. But there are still plenty to do and prepare.

I will get a web-site up and running on which I’ll try to keep people updated of my progress with photos and stories as often as possible. In the mean time I will think of three charity organizations to raise money for. But the hard part will be nailing a sponsorship deal. The idea of the website is for people to virtually ‘walk’ with me and to present them the opportunity to donate for my chosen charity and/or to keep my legs moving. I guess I won’t need more than 4-5 pounds a day to survive in any country.

And yes, mama, I’m coming home. Once departed, I will reach Romania in about 4-5 months, so we will see each other this year.

I don’t know what else to say for the time being, apart from what I envision: being in my sixties, rocking on a chair in a warm summer afternoon on a porch, smoking a pipe and telling my nephew stories from the road that’s now ahead of me. And this image includes everything: finishing my journey, having a happy family, growing a child who as well would grow to have his child. Nothing more, nothing less.

Wish me luck,


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