This walk of freedom: from Bratislava to Budapest – 190 km (total: 3.406 km)

This walk of freedom: from Bratislava to Budapest – 190 km (total: 3.406 km)

The World Photo Tour continues. The walk goes on, somehow. So I am in Bratislava, still. Saying goodbye to Lucia who just came to see me included a visit to salute the art on the Danube Island. Danubiana. Colourful. Fun. Back in the city then. Welcome to East Europe! The ’3 hours late train’ arrived on time. Goodbye, Lucia! So I find myself walking out this little big colourful city at night. Gray on the outskirts. Just made it to the limit and then dozed off.

Walking on the border. Less Slovakia, more Hungary. Not that I know any of the languages. Walk in hot air. Walk in dust. Walk in hope for the night. Be happy for water! Stop in shade, wait for it to come, walk more in the evening. Have your hopes pushed to limit and try, just try and get inside. Nincs! Nincs! Nincs! People are suspicious. All except one, the very last. I was walking and asking anyway until it would come to ‘Igen’. Had to as I wouldn’t have stopped until Komarno the next day. Laugh all the way to the bed. The only way to communicate was using a little app on the phone. Input text, translate, read. Laugh. Input text, translate, show. Laugh again. Then laugh at the whole sequence and so on. Nice jolly people can be found anywhere.

Walk to Komarno then, get there by sunset, meet Tomas Soltes. Enjoy the tour, visit some local galleries, the Europe Sq. included. Houses built to represent styles from each country. Not bad for a small town like this! Not bad at all. Another goodbye, another country to walk then, as I was entering Hungary the following day.

Start late, finish the following day. Marathon walk all over again. Reach a splendid Budapest at sunset. Meet Danube again. No swimming this time. Meet Luminița Apostu, friend from high-school. Doing some little nifty art stuff in Budapest. Temporary exhibition. Temporary life. But nights to remember. Citadel walk, fun-stalking people and asking to take photos of them. Walk ALL the bridges! Goodbye Luminița, meet Károly Füzessi. Spent a couple of nights at his place. Second was best. Talks of life and how we shape it till morning. Gazing at stars, planets and our Moon. Now that’s a long way! Talk aboout my road. With hows and whys and whos. All the thoughts I had, if I can express! No time for that. Temporary life on FFW again. Meet Desislava Aleksandrova, Kristóf Szabó and Isabella Piratininga. Mihai, meet Unicum. Unicum, meet Mihai. Nice meeting all the worlds like this. Nice not saying no. Cannot remember the last time I did. It must have been a ‘No, this is not happening’. Well, it actually did. So now let everything else happen as well. People keep assuming I have something to show them or teach them. Not necessarily the case. I want to learn myself. First hand experience. Eager. Egoistic. Narcissistic. Not from books. Cannot read anymore. I need MY experience, not others. Done listening. For a greater life. I am both scared and eager to let myself go. Happy most of the times, too bad it’s all in my head. There is a party inside of me, constant. Sometimes raging, sometimes exquisite. Some join it. But I still dance alone. As tolerant as I am, I am even tolerant with the intolerants: what good is tolerance if it comes with judgement?

Thank you: Lucia, Tomas, Desi, Lumi, Karex.

Thank you, Budapest!

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