Thoughts and happenings from Sherburn in Elmet to a farm near Askern: 23 km (total: 60 km)

Thoughts and happenings from Sherburn in Elmet to a farm near Askern: 23 km (total: 60 km)

What is a road? Just a line from A to B? Just the necessity of providing the logistical means so that communication can occur? Were all the roads then made with a definite purpose? Or were some of them made just to see what’s after the horizon?

A Portuguese proverb says that the road is made waking on it. Many people think I know what awaits me at the end of my road. I don’t. And I don’t want to find out before it’s time to do so. All I know is that I want to finish this walk.

My stay in Sherburn in Elmet was a bliss after all I went through to get on the road. So a day of break was indeed much appreciated.

There was no time to chat about with Anca and Tony in the first night, as I was extremely tired, which is why I probably slept 12 hours that night/morning/day. Babies don’t sleep this good! Once I finished the administrative duties of the day, it wasn’t long yesterday until my friends came back from work. So what could you have on your regular Friday night? Well, we had a bit of Debussy, Clair de Lune plus a bit of Beethoven, Mondschein, just as a starter. After Tony’s go at the piano, some YouTube video watching followed, in what seems to  become an all-time classic activity of “Oh, have you seen this one?”, “You definitely need to see that one” and so on.

From that we jumped to Faulty Towers, the classic comedy series, as the Waldorf Salad episore was aired. Speaking of  which, I missed and I will miss Tony’s  sense of humour. Example:

Me> I cried almost every time when I saw that movie…
Tony> Oh, is it that bad?

Right before  I went to  sleep I had a chat with Anca, at the end of  which she stated that “The most frightening  thing for you is that at the end of these 7 years you will learn that everyone forgets and you will find yourself alone, but you will not care, for that will make you stronger.”. To which I replied with silence and a sip of the whisky we were having. I don’t  want to talk about what will there be at the end of the road.

I like Anca and Tony. They are both big funny grown-up children. Jigsaws and paint by lines and a lot of other games to keep the fun juice flowing there.

This morning, after a short fare-well, I was on the road again, all prepared for what could be worst – rain, as there were showers all throughout the morning. But as soon as I stepped outside, the rain stopped, the sky cleared and everything was fine in the weather department up until  the evening, when I did manage to pitch the tent before it started to rain. But I will get there shortly.

So no rain throughout the day. But that doesn’t mean it was all fun and joy. Mainly because blister city got into a totally new level  of  development.  They did not burst yet, but they’re bigger. More painful. And in fact, as I was entering Knottingley, I could not bear it anymore. I spotted a Morrison super market and went straight for the baby talc powder. Then I went to the gents and poured the white stuff on my feet. Made a bit of a mess, so I apologize for whoever needed to clean baby powder off the floor.

It all felt a slightly better. Until I almost died. As I was walking from Knottingley to Norton, as usual, on the side of the road where cars come at me and not from behind me, there was this harvesting-like machine slowly advancing towards me on a portion of road with no hard shoulders whatsoever. I saw the thing (how couldn’t I?), it’s driver saw me, so he manoeuvred past me. And just after he did that, he unveiled what was behind him – a car speeding right up until against the harvesting thing’s rear. Fortunately, the woman behind the wheel took a bit of time from texting and allocated that precious time to the steering that made me shake.

But most of the time being on the road is good. Sometimes I get these happy honks and it makes me smile, thinking Uh, this one must have seen me earlier or the day before! That aside, it was basically big industrial chimneys day today, as you can see.

When I started to feel tired I said to myself that I have to go at least one more hour, until half past four, that will give me enough time to pitch the tent and make myself comfortable until the night comes. Which I did. One more hour, not anywhere near the rhythm I was moving two days ago. And exactly at half past four I see this farm. A quick word with the farmer got me a place with nice soft grass to pitch the tent and once pitched, I jumped straight inside. The sun was setting, probably beautifully, but  I could not care less. I was tired, I was in pain, and, most of all, I was upset for I didn’t  get to Askern today, as I wanted. A quick one hour nap. A quick snack for dinner. A quick photo of me in the tent. Writing all this stuff. And then off to sleep, as early as possible. That’s it for today then, nighty-night!

I tried several times to upload 9 pictures – 3.10 MB in total. After so many unsuccessful tries I believe it is not actually possible. Well, at least not with a Vodafone USB dongle on a good EDGE connection. I tried uploading since half past seven. Now it’s almost 1 o’clock in the morning and my laptop battery is almost gone. So photos will have to wait a better connection, unfortunately.

Later Edit: managed to upload the photos through a wi-fi connection at Owston Park Pub and Dining. With complimentary coffee! :)

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