To Doncaster! 18 km (total: 78 km)

To Doncaster! 18 km (total: 78 km)

Note to self: stop wondering in cities at night!

Walking on The World Photo Tour. Now in Doncaster. I was quite nice spending the first night out. And even if the temperatures dropped in this – hopefully – last cold snap, I couldn’t be bothered. If anything, I was hot at times, all snuggled up in my sleeping bag. And I was actually surprised in the morning noticing that the water froze over night. Thus it pays to have good equipment.

When I woke up and got my head out of the tent, just to check the weather, I was greeted with a clear blue sky, no cloud in sight. Just a bit cold, which is why I quickly zipped up and went back. A bit uncomfortable getting dressed in the tent, with all the equipment around. And it was only after 38 minutes from the second I woke up when I was ready to go, with everything packed in the backpack. I think I need to improve the timing on that one!

From the farm land I pitched the tent on I followed the road down South to Norton. And from there I thought of having a short-cut to Askern on this public footpath, parallel to the rail-road. Not necessarily a bad idea, but it got a bit muddy halfway through. Once in Askern, I hit the Co-Op for a lunch: chicken and bacon sandwich, milk, fruit salad, chocolate biscuits. I had this meal at the pond in Askern, surrounded by swans and ducks and those little seagulls of which I’m not sure how they’re actually called.

At the pond there was a fire fighters crew. I had a chat with one of the guys in the team, took some photos of them working and then moved onwards South. Shortly after Askern I went in the Owston Park Pub, just to take advantage of the wi-fi so I could upload yesterday’s photos. Had a complimentary coffee with that as well, but, in the end, I still felt like paying for it, which I did. At least to cover for the mud I brought in. Back on the road after that!

What I like about this road: everything of the daily commodities becomes so much better. Water tastes better after I had none for hours, food tastes great at the end of the day, the sleep is good when I’m tired, morning comes gracious and big. And the pain goes away day by day. And I like another thing, even if it may sound masochistic at first: sometimes, when I am exhausted, when I am almost dragging my feet, when the weight of the backpack almost crushes me, and I know that I’m miles and hours away from thee place and time to sleep,, not anywhere near the end of the day, in those moments, while I keep walking, I just close my eyes for a few seconds and I like to picture her: undefined, like in a dream, but beautiful, with beautiful long blonde hair and with dreamy eyes and a gentle look, my muse, my angel, watching me. And then I smile, as I know I can go on. Well, it’s either that or just have a break and snap out of it.

It was about two o’clock when I left the pub near Askern and I thought I could then reach Doncaster, have some photos taken here and there, and then move on just enough to exit the city so I can pitch the tent somewhere. Obviously not the case, as I ended wondering about as the night came. At one point, I asked  a local what he thinks abouut pitching a tent in Hyde Park, to which his reply was Uhm, a girl got stabbed there last Saturday, in mid-day, so… So I did what every non-believer would do: I went to the church, even though I understood they caught the stabber. I fear populated places more than I fear the wild. So I preferred that, as the alternative was walking out of the city and pitching the tent in pitch-black-night. It was at the St. George’s Minster in Doncaster where I met Lindon Walters and Revd. Canon Dr Paul Shackerley. They hooked me up with M25, a service for local homeless people, which took me in with no question asked. Well, a bit of questioning, as I had to fill in a form, but nothing out of the ordinary. Here I ate, had a shower, washed some clothes and even played some pool.

Ready for tomorrow, a sleep away. The blisters – forgotten, it’s the tendons that hurt now, but I’ll get used to that as well. Off to bed  now. Until next time, have a glorious Monday! Ah, who am I kidding?

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  1. Fiona

    Nice move Mihai to get into M25 – safer, esp in Doncaster at the moment! You’re blog is sounding positive – great photos too – keep them coming. x

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