World, re-arranged. From Flensburg to Aalborg, via Viborg: 280 km (total: 1.872 km)

World, re-arranged. From Flensburg to Aalborg, via Viborg: 280 km (total: 1.872 km)

Brace yourself. The latest on The World Photo Tour is here. Leaving Aalborg in 3, 2, 1… But, until then, we were in Flensburg the last time we talked. Almost 300 km and a month later, this is what happened.

Flensburg. Left it with unsecurity, but in a hurry. Denmark to follow. I’ve met so many people so far. And many more will follow. I entered Denmark as one would go from the living-room into the kitchen. Did you know there are 250 ways of washing the dishes all around the world? What about the other things? Let’s see now…

Take your rest, sit on the beach, light it up and look at your wrist. Where were you six months ago? And then you see the key, reminder of a different universe that’s long gone, yet anything but forgotten. Who and where are you? In who’s  reality? Missing Hamburg for sure.


Green fields, green fields, enter Christiansfeld. Read the link, come back, welcome. Take pictures, encapsulate the world as it unravels before your eyes, save it for all those different versions of later. Walk some more, take some rests, jump the trampoline, it’s the first time you have the chance!

Sleep. Dare. Walk. Dream. Enter Kolding, meet Jakob Esben Hansen. Lovely family, picked me off the street just like that! Say goodbye! Like a rolling stone. Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan! Walk some more. Prepare for Vejle. Look back. Look ahead. Look now. Look at yourself everywhere in time. Who and where were you again?

Enter Silkeborg. Walk back. Sleep by the side of the lake. Dream. Take a swim. Enter Silkeborg again. Just walk. Prepare for Viborg.

Welcome, photo-frenzy! Meet Adi, meet Irina, meet Mabel, Alex, Radu. Meet, but don’t mention all the amazing people you meet. Some fruits are forbidden. And forbidden to talk about. Dream, take a swim! Visit the museum. Play! Jump! Laugh! Was the earlier a sign? Meet Amalie and her parents – Karin and Uffe. Hear their story, remember it. They were in Romania as students. The father was crazy about Romanian folk music. Almost got arrested and went through some commie dorm adventures in the student campus, a day before August 23. With all the Romanian currency left, they bought a taragot from Muzica. He plays it now. Hear it. Say goodbye!

Just walk. Full speed ahead! To Aalborg! Empty yourself of all the promises you are able to make. Observe.  All the worlds you can imagine cannot happen to you, for you see them. Sleep more. Just walk. Enjoy the ride! Just imagine. See less. See old friends after a long time. See Vali, see Cosmin. Meet new ones. Go to the beach. Listen to the wind and its music coming in waves. See new friends shortly again. Go to the beach again. Listen to the rain dancing round-and-round and all around.

Time to face all the demons. Work. Move A LOT of boxes full of shrimp. 5 kilos each. Whatever it takes. Have a Romanian dinner. Poale-n brâu! Hear all the music again. Smile, laugh, dance. Meet Cristina, Ioana, Silviu, Vlad, Mădălina. Organise a pillow fight. Meet everyone else, meet Jeppe. Meet Adela. Flashback.

What if the water is in fact really cold and you could die like this, because of hypothermia? Because of  perception, rather. Who is this talking? How many forms can you take? Meet the downfall. Do the pillow fight. Go on, have a laugh! Meet Raul, meet Radu, meet Alex, meet Krasi, you remember him!

Meet Klaus and Thomas, meet Thea. Meet Michael. How much far can you go? And why? How much more can you absorb? Edit all the photos. Cross-process everything. How much more can you think? How much more can you imagine? How much more can you create? How much more can you see? Meet yourself everywhere, anywhere in time, see all the possibilities. Have a go at a water-pistol battle. What is love? Go with the flow. Hold on. There’s someone in my head but it’s not me. Panic. Revolt. Scream. Find peace, relax in the tranquillity you meet. Listen to this song till the end. It all starts with a simple thought. You can. It’s a matter of choice.


Run from the rain.

Do a somersault. Gather everyone around you, but feel alone. Dance with everyone, but feel sad. You know it all now. Or do you? How deep is the rabbit hole? Experiment. Take it to the streets.

Hear all the songs at once. Dance. The music  is great! Do. Dance in a night as never before. The house was shaking. Talk with yourself, read all the thoughts around you. Did you know that you could forget all of this? Did you know that a regular human being expresses merely 1% of all the thoughts one has? We hide each other from ourselves. But we  all think of  it. Of everything. That is how the world around you is being created – by other people’s thoughts.

Attend the party. Come see the show, everyone! Same everyday. The lunatic is on the grass. Trust no-one. Trust yourself sometimes. Trust everyone. The show must go on, you’re not done yet. Think. Write. Remember. Take photos. Listen to Die Antwoord. Listen to everything. The signs are everywhere you look. And Walk. Tomorrow I leave. Will you still remember me? This is me talking to myself. We do change. This is me talking to you. Do we? This is you asking yourself. This is me saying goodbye. Shy and mysterious. This is a bird you cannot change from changing. This is you. Rocking in and out of everyone’s life – sometimes so hard that you actually rock in and out of your own life. For that’s when you know. Meet Iolanda, meet Ana. The list of lives I’ve…

Type in ‘now’. It doesn’t work. System overload. Type in ‘never’. It’s the same. Yet still you were there. We are time. We are happenings and we keep happening to each other. We are all the worlds colliding, exploding and dancing with each other. Smile! Laugh! Dance! Think, dare, dream, imagine, create! You are all the possibilities you can think of and this is not goodbye, this is just hello! Hello, world! And the world was shaking. Thank you, Aalborg! Wel’ll meet again.

Who are you? See all the possibilities. Connect all the dots.

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  1. ica

    esti un baiat curajos. Sper sa-ti gasesti rostul vietii pana termini calatoria, iar experienta acumulata sa iti aduca folos si fericire.
    Un lucru te rog.Poate parea o naivitate, dar asa imi dispare toata bucuria privirii cand pui poze facute oblic…..Incearca sa le faci normal, ca nu sunt nici mai aristice, nici mai reusite daca tii aparatul aplecat.parca le dispare intreaga frumusete.

    • Mihai

      Am o lentila de 50 mm. Diagonala e mereu mai mare decat laturile. Incerc doar sa prind cat mai mult din ce ma intereseaza. Uneori o fac asa. :) Nu urmaresc sa fie nici artistice, nici reusite. Inca nu m-am plictisit de lentila asta insa. Cand o sa o schimb, mai vedem… :)

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    […] The previous article on my walk around the world might have surprised some of you. But take that one as a first and anticipate if you can. So I was in Aalborg saying another goodbye to a handful of people – Vali, Cristian, Cosmin and Thea. What a crew! This is what happened from Aalborg to Copenhagen. But first, I would like to send out a big THANK YOU! to all the people that I ever met on this road, for without them none of this would’ve been possible at all. This road is mine as it is theirs. Hopefully, we’ll meet again! […]

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